Quezon City Scholarship Program’s | Apply Now Application Are Open | AY 2023-2024

This quezon city scholarship is open now application to apply, all ambitious learners in Quezon City
The gateway to your educational aspirations has swung open as the Quezon City Scholarship Programs for the Academic Year 2023-2024 are now officially accepting applications.

if you’re a dedicated Senior High School student, and enthusiastic College student, a driven Post-Graduate student, or even a passionate Vocational Courses student, this is your chance to grasp the reins of your future.

Who can apply for the scholarships?

interested Scholars must be able to possess the following general requirements.

1.be a Quezon City resident with QCitizen ID
2.be enrolled/registered/accepted at a recognized educational institution at the time of scholarship application
3.not be a recipient of any scholarship grant from other Local Government Units (LGUs)

Required Documentary ?

All interested Scholars must be able to prepare the initial documents

  • e-Copy of QCitizen ID
  • e-Copy of grades/transcript of records of previous year or semester
  • proof of school enrollment/ registration/ acceptance for the current school year or school term

How to file your application ?

If you don’t have a QCeServices account yet, then register here – https://qceservices.quezoncity.gov.ph

How to apply for the scholarship click this link

Specific qualifications scholarship click this link

Concerns/queries click this link

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Source: QC Youth Development Office 

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